About The Blog

After about four months of procrastinating and over thinking, I decided to start this blog, Barrier-Free Cooking. It took me about a day to finally decide on the title. I wasn’t sure how to cram everything that cooking means to me in just a few words. This is a way to share my story, my struggles and how I overcome different obstacles in the kitchen. As a young woman, who happens to have a physical disability, I realized that if I ever find myself in an apartment, I better know how to cook more than ramen noodles and Mac and Cheese.  I want to spend my life eating more than just pre-prepared food and Grub-Hub delivery. With the support of my family, I began my venture in late August of 2016. I challenged myself to cook one meal a week as if my parents weren’t on standby in the next room. During this adventure, recipes were modified, barriers were broken, dream kitchens were imagined and gadgets were brainstormed. I’m very excited about sharing this adventure with you and hope you enjoy reading about it as much as I enjoy cooking through it.