Oscar Night and Mock Crab Soup

Week Seven

To celebrate the Oscars, I made Mock Crab Soup. I wanted to make something a little more fancy than what I have cooked in the past for the occasion.

Before I started making the soup, I went ahead and prepared the potatoes. My mom went ahead and peeled the potatoes for me. She also helped me find the best way to chop potatoes. I figured that if I cut the potatoes in half, I could use the flat side to my advantage. The problem was that I wasn’t able to make the knife go through the potato. So, my mom helped me chop the potatoes in half, which helped me speed up the process. Once all of the potatoes were in half, she and I finished chopping the potatoes and put them in a large bowl.


I cooked three pieces of bacon in a soup pot over medium heat. Once the pieces of  bacon became crisp, I removed them from the pot and let the bacon grease remain. I forgot that my mom stores bacon grease in the fridge, so next time I would just use the bacon grease that is available to me.

The recipe says to sauté a medium sweet onion and two stalks of celery. I’m not a huge fan of celery, so I just used a full 12oz bag of frozen chopped onions. Once the onions were done, I poured in 2 quarts of chicken broth.  I let the mixture boil until the potatoes became tender. Barrier-Free Tip: I was having trouble opening the container for the chicken broth, so I used my jar opener.  There is a lot of adaptive jar openers out there, this particular one is called an Evriholder Easitwist Jar Opener. I like this one because it can open different jar sizes and it is easy to hold, which gives me more control.


While potatoes were cooking, I opened a pound of imitation crab and used a knife to shred the crab apart. Once the crab became sufficiency shredded, I put the crab in a bowl. When the potatoes were done, I used a masher to make the soup the right consistency.

Then, I attempted to free the cream cheese from its packaging without getting most of it on me.  First, I took the cream cheese out of the box. Leaving the foil on the cream cheese, I cut the cheese in half with a knife. I was going to squeeze the cream cheese into the pot, but there was some left over. My mom helped me get the rest of the cream cheese into the pot using a fork. Then, I dumped the crab into the pot and put in a tablespoon of Old Bay Seasoning and a half tablespoon of parsley. After, letting the soup simmer for an hour it was ready to serve.

I really liked cooking mock crab soup because it taught me that I can be a little adventurous with my cooking and still be independent. Next time, I’m going to use red potatoes so that I don’t have mess with peeling the potatoes, Also, because the red potatoes are so small, I have an easier time chopping them.  Be sure to click the Follow button on the right of the screen to subscribe!

This recipe came from Food.com



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