Fried Catfish

Week 12

This week I made fried catfish with tater tots and beans. 

First, I put the tater tots in the toaster oven for about thirty minutes. Then I mixed one and a half cup of cornmeal and a half cup of flour into a large mixing bowl. I poured in a cup of buttermilk in another bowl. I set a fillet of catfish on a platter and sprinkled  salt, pepper and creole seasoning on both sides.


Then, I dunked the fish into a cup of butter milk.


Finally, I covered the fish with the flour and cornmeal mixture. I used a 1/2 cup of flour and 1 1/2 cup of cornmeal.



After the first fillet was done, I decided that it would be easier to fry the fish if they were cut in half. So, I cut all of the fillets in half and repeated the procedure. By the time the fish fillets were ready to fry, the tater trots were done.    I turned the  toaster oven off and left the tater tots in the oven.

I poured in about a 1/4 inch of carnola oil into a pan and turned the heat to high. I used a tray that is attached to my walker to transfer the plate of catfish to the stove and left the walker in front of the stove’s knobs to form an L-shape.

catfish walkerfix

Once the oil was hot enough, I set three halves of catfish into the pan. I started off using tongs to move the fish around, but I ended up using a spatula. After about three minutes, I flipped the fish over. Barrier-Free Tip; Using the edge of the pan to get good control over the fish with the spatula helped me. Once the other side was done, I used the same method to get the fish on the spatula and put it on the plate. After the first batch, there was a substantial amount of fried batter the fell off. So, I made sure to scrape the leftover fried batter and pt it with the fried fish.  I repeated this process until all the fish had been fried. The popping sound from frying the fish startled me little bit and I asked my mom to stand next to me. But, I was able to cook the fish independently.


One of the fillets didn’t get completely cooked because it was folded over, so I nuked it in the microwave for the microwave. Next time, instead of piling all of the fish on one plate. I might spread them out among two or three plates. also, I underestimated how long it would take me to prepare the fish. I’m not sure that I am ready to fry fish without my parents on stand by. But, with a little bit of of practice, I am confident that I’ll be comfortable making this recipe in my own kitchen

This recipe turned out really well. My parent had hushpuppies and coleslaw with the fish. This recipe came form the Spruce.


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