Memorial Day Burgers

Spoiler Alert! I went into making this meal knowing that I wasn’t making it the way I would if I was living on my own. Let’s be real here. Given the choice between eating 3/4 pound burgers from the grill and eating  frozen burgers from the stove on Memorial Day, I think we can all safely say that the first option is the favorable one.

Before I got started on the burgers, I chopped an onion and put the slices in a preparation bowl.

burger 5fixed

After searching the internet for ideas in how to season the burgers, I quickly realized that sometimes going for the less complicated recipe is to your advantage. Trying to save money, I decided to buy 3 pounds of 80% lean ground beef chuck that comes in a tube rather than the boxed container. I managed to get the meat out of its packaging independently, but it took some time. The trick is to use a knife to cut the tube in half, then lengthwise before squeezing the meat into a large mixing bowl.  Barrier-Free Tip: Go for the packaging that is easier to open. It  doesn’t do you any good to buy food that you can’t get to. It is actually quite frustrating.


Once the meat was in the mixing bowl, I put in 1 1/4 teaspoon of salt, 1 1/4 teaspoon of black pepper, and 2 tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce. Barrier-Free Tip: I use a plate or a bowl to catch excess seasoning or sauce as I pour them into a measuring spoon.  Then, I cracked two eggs in a preparation bowl and poured the eggs in with meat. Barrier-Free Tip:  I always crack eggs over a preparation bowl first to avoid dropping egg shells in the ingredients. The last thing anyone wants to find is egg shells in their  meal.


To save energy, I decided to let my mom form the patties, while cooking mushrooms and onions. After cooking the mushrooms in a melted butter, I stirred in the chopped onion and let them cook,  while the grill was heating up.


My mom helped me transfer the burgers to the grill since they were so big. The lid of my parents’ grill is a little heavy, so I had to be really careful not to let it slam shut.  After cooking for a few minutes, the burgers were ready to by flipped. With a little coaching from my mom, I was able to flip the patties and move them around without breaking apart the meat.  When I was done re-positioning the burgers, I closed the lid and let the burgers cook for a few more minutes.

I became a little tired due to the heat from the grill and decided to let my dad finish the burgers. This experience taught me that cooking burgers on the stove is probably the safest way to make burgers for me. But, I am glad that I tried using the grill.


The burgers were awesome, especially with the mushrooms and onions. We decided to have potato chips, watermelon and cantaloupe with the meal.

The burger recipe originated from Food Republic.


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