Memorial Day Burgers

Week 15

Spoiler Alert! I went into making this meal knowing that I wasn’t making it the way I would if I was living on my own. Let’s be real here. Given the choice between eating 3/4 pound burgers from the grill and eating  frozen burgers from the stove on Memorial Day, I think we can all safely say that the first option is the favorable one. Continue reading “Memorial Day Burgers”

BBQ Chicken and Jalapeno Corn with Roasted Red Potatoes

Week Eight

This week I used the slow cooker to make barbecue chicken. First, I cut three skinless, boneless chicken breasts in half using a big, sharp, non-serrated knife. It was so easy. Barrier-Free Tip: Knives that are big and sharp have become my greatest ally.  Continue reading “BBQ Chicken and Jalapeno Corn with Roasted Red Potatoes”