Two Hits, a Strike and a Fire Alarm in the Kitchen

For a meal that required me to juggle three dishes at once, I did okay, considering that the fire alarm only went off once.  It could have gone worse. Though the meal was originally going to be just broiled chicken with baked potatoes, it ended up being broiled chicken, baked potatoes and creamy onion soup….

Arroz con Pollo – Size Matters

Before I started this blog, I made Arroz con Pollo and black beans for my family. We liked it so much that I decided to make it again. After pouring a cup and a half of rice into a preparation bowl and a little it of olive oil into a large skillet over medium high, …

Attempting to Chop with Pad Thai

One of the reasons I like to make Pad Thai is because of the freedom to choose what to include in the dish. It’s also something that I can turn this into an easy weeknight meal or a weekend meal.